What choices of bait or lures can I use to catch Catfish?

Catfish fishing lures

Catfish are bottom-feeding fish, they like to eat almost anything that sinks to the bottom. Catfish mainly like to feed on the following fishing bait: 

1. Chicken Liver
2. Cut Bait (Cut up minnows, small fish)
3. Dog Food
3. Crawfish
5. Night Crawler Worms

Tip: Catfish like spoiled food. Bait your hook with a spoiled shrimp or meat and you are sure to catch one. Check below for some great catfish recipes. 

How to make and what to use if you want to make your own Catfish bait. 

I want to encourage you to develop your own formulas based on these ingredients found below. You will notice that these ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store.

When developing your own formulas, do not use all the ingredients listed. Just take three or four items and see what happens. You are not bound to the items listed below. Feel free to test others.

What I like to do and found to be most successful is to buy pizza dough and cure bite size dough balls with some of the listed ingredients and let it ferment for a couple of days. 


1) Uncooked oatmeal – popular as a base (keeps all the ingredients together in a doughy mixture)

2) Baking flour – another popular base

3) Corn and wheat flakes or similar types of cereals – base to keep bait on hook

4) Water – required in most cases to help make the mixture workable

5) Garlic salt – found in most store-bought baits (probably a good idea if you used it also)

6) Garlic powder – similar to salt but may alter the fish attractant properties

7) Can of tuna – found in many homemade bait recipes. Maybe the old timers know something.

8) Anise oil extract – almost a requirement for all types of fishing bait

9) Meats from the meat counter (raw livers, brains, fish parts) – the more blood, the better

10) Canned or packaged meats such as cat food, dog food, spam, sandwich meats, hot dogs – an alternative to the raw meats

11) Cheeses – smellier the better – think Limburger or rotten cheddar

12) Miscellaneous – fish food pellets, cattle feed pellets, molasses, gelatin mixes, can of corn, strawberry soda, bbq sauce

13) Zipper storage bags – great for mixing your ingredients, storage, and taking to the fishing hole.

Remember, if it smells, is bloody, or rotted, it might be a great addition to your catfish bait formula. I hope this will information will get you started in developing your own secret catfish bait.