Tips for catching white and black crappie and the types of lures to use

Crappie Fishing Lures

If you enjoy crappie fishing you may sometimes catch more using specific crappie fishing lures rather then live bait, based on knowing what artificial lures to use. When you use crappie fishing lures, the smaller the lure the better. Look for lures within the 1/4oz or smaller size.

Some crappie fishing lures to use:

- Curly Tail Jigs
- Marabou Jigs
- Weedless Spinners

When Fishing with Curly Tail Jigs, the jig head helps your bait to sink to the bottom where the big crappies may be.

When fishing with Marabou Jigs - use the 1/4oz size. A good way of rigging this crappie lure is to use a slip bobber and place a split sinker several inches below on the line so the jig sinks to your set leader length.

When Fishing with Weedless Spinners, use the 1/16oz size. Using gold and silver spinners is effective in low water visibility.