Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

A modern type of fishing line engineered for strength and durability, most expensive line on the market, usually not popular but its often used as a leader line. Some benefits of this line are that it is Invisible to fish, and it has enhanced sensitivity. Does not absorb water maintaining its strength over time. Reduces line slack and the line sinks deeper, unlike a mono line that suspends on top of the water.

What is fluoro, fluorocarbon fishing line?

Fluorocarbon fishing line is one of the most revolutionary discoveries for sport fishermen in generations. It has evolved a lot over the last few decades, and the early problems of easily breaking being unreliable have been replaced with one of the best and strongest fibers to ever hit the market. Not only that, but it is almost invisible underwater, which increases fish strike probabilities.

Today, it is known and renowned for its strength and invisibility. It also outlasts monofilament lines hands down, and according to fans, is well worth the additional cost involved in getting stocked up. Because of its bad reputation from generations ago, people are still reluctant to switch from old nylon to this fantastic material, but once they do, they rarely go back.

It all starts underwater, where the fish meets the bait. What the fish sees will determine its response. If it sees nothing but food, chances are that it will bite on that line before it will go after bait on a monofilament one. Comparison after comparison has shown this preference under numerous conditions and by countless anglers. Fluorocarbon fishing line is the leader in underwater stealth and invisibility, encouraging even the most reluctant and cautious fish to take a bite.

Fluorocarbon fishing line is virtually invisible underwater, and offer greater success for scoring than monofilament standards. Invisibility plays a huge role in the action of the fish, and time and time again, they strike when all they see is bait. In fact, swivel manufacturers are embracing this principle in their products because of this success.

Its durability is something that is worth mentioning as well. This stuff can outperform nylon in many key areas that affect those who fish every day. First, it withstands cold temperatures very well, making it hugely popular with ice fishers as well as cold water trollers. On the other side of the coin, it is perfect for hot and sunny days because it does not degrade when in contact with ultraviolet rays. On top of that, it also stands up to chemical erosion very well and can be used repeatedly without degrading.

These reasons alone make it worth going to the store and trying some out for yourself. They come in different test strengths, and you can find soft and flexible ones to some of the strongest and most durable line on the market today. The rumors of high cost are true, but if you consider how much longer fluorocarbon fishing line lasts as opposed to monofilament line, it pays for itself over time. Not to mention eliminating the frustration of setting hooks over and over again as you lose casts to corrosion or snags. Try for yourself and see how you think of it after you've gone out a couple of times.