What lures are used to catch Esox, Pike?

Pike fishing lures

Pike or Nothern Pike, love small fish as bait, but they also can't resist flashy lures like spoons. 

Some popular and effective lures for Pike are: 

1. Live or Dead Bait (Large minnows, small fish like perch,) 
2. Gold, Silver or multi-color spoons
3. Swimbait lures


Trophy northern pike fishing.

Pike is one of the most popular predator fish anglers all over the world love to target. These sleek and powerful fish have been caught up to 40lbs in weight and require different types of fishing hooks and tackle. The camouflage of the pike is one of their best assets, they can hide patiently, remaining well camouflaged in weeds and snags, waiting for its prey to swim unsuspectingly past. The choice of prey for the pike is predominantly smaller fish, frogs, and mice, although birds and ducklings are also targets. Having the right tackle and fishing hooks are extremely important when targeting Pike.

How to identify a pike

Pike have very distinct camouflaged markings across its body, these markings are typically green in colour, and they also have a torpedo shaped pointy heads with incredibly sharp teeth. Most Pike caught over 12lbs are female; these can grow up to a maximum of 6ft and a weight of 76lbs. Most Pike can be found in lakes, canals, and rivers, they usually look for prey in and around weed bed and bull rushes. Casting your bait into these areas is a great way to fish for Pike.

Methods and Baits

Many experienced anglers will have there own methods for catching Pike, these range from dead baiting, live baiting and spinning. Deadbaiting is the most popular choice, using Mackerel, small Perch or even a small Pike for bait. Although it is best to try different types of baits at different venues until you find one that suits you are chosen lake. Ideally, if you are fishing a lake is stocked with Roach fish and Perch then this would be what the Pike normally are feeding on, so using one of these types of fish would be a good start.

Tackle and line

One of the most important pieces of tackle when fishing for Pike is a wire trace attached to the main line, a steel leader. Pike can very easily bite through mono or braid lines with there incredibly sharp teeth. The fishing hooks that should be used for Pike are the Treble hooks. These fishing hooks allow the angler to attach large dead baits onto their hook while leaving one or two hooks out to hook the Pike when it takes the bait. Most tackle shops now sell ready-made wire leaders with two treble fishing hooks attached.

The main line used for catching Pike should be no less than 14lb; A good strong rod is ideal as it allows the angler to bully large Pike away from snags and reeds. Once the pike is landed it should be safely placed on a large unhooking mat, and the fishing hooks should be removed using a large pair of forceps or surgical pliers, these can be purchased in most tackle shops and can be bought up to 12 inches long.