What fishing bait or lure would you recommend for Salmon?

Salmon fishing lures

The types of Salmon vary from Coast to Coast. These anadromous species can be found in most Pacific coastal waters, streams and rivers that have a good flow of water and temperature, as well as a suitable habitat for spawning. You will find that Salmon spawns as many as 3 times per year, spring, summer and fall. 

The average size of a Salmon can be from 16 to 20 lb. However, you will see larger fish up to 55 lb. 

Before you fish for Salmon you may need to check the rules within the area you're planning to fish in, every area will have different rules. Time to fish size limits and also the number of the fish you may keep. State and Provincial rules should be followed because the fines can be very large if you get caught.

The downrigger is a very popular way to get the bait right down to the level to which the Salmon are at. Trolling depth can vary from 10 ft. to 150 ft. with a lead sinker from 2 to 10 lb.