Spinning Fishing Reels

Spinning Fishing Reels

The first thing that you have to decide on is the type of reel to use. Basically, there are three types of fishing reels that are used for day to day fishing, spinning reels, bait casting reels, and there are fly fishing reels.

Most anglers from the world of fishing find Spinning Reels simpler to use than Bait Caster reels. Learning to cast with a Spinning Reel is relatively much easier compared to learning to cast with a baitcasting reel. Learning to use a bait casting reel takes time to learn to cast without having any line backlash. Many anglers have happily stuck with spinning tackle for many years and will still continue to for many more.

How to use and cast with a spinning reel? 

Buying a spinning reel is an excellent investment, but learning to use it can be a little tricky. 

Before you even begin, you have to know how to hold it to cast. It is fairly simple, just put two fingers in front of the stem and keep two behind the stem. This gives your pointer finger the freedom to catch the line while giving you security and a firm grip.

Let about 15-45 centimeters of fishing line hang from the tip of the rod. Your forefinger should be readily available to trap the line against the grip of the fishing rod in front of the bail arm. With the other hand, open the bail arm. Be careful not to open the bail arm before you have secured the line against the grip. Have the line secured between your finger and the handle, or you will not be able to cast whatsoever. This provides the leverage you need in order to swing back and make an effective cast.

Swing back, and toss the line outwards smoothly, but with swiftness. At the end of your swing, the rod should be pointed straight in front of you horizontally. In the middle of this throw, after the rod is pointed in front of you but before it reaches its final location, you have to let go of the fishing line which you had secured to the handle. Timing is crucial here, because if you let it go too late, it will not go very far, and if you let go too quickly, it will fly up and land wherever it lands. It is pretty easy to know when you have to release the thread; similar to throwing something, you focus on a particular spot and the momentum tells you when it is time to let go.

Spinning reels are incredibly versatile and simple to use. After abundant practice, you can master the technique; in fact, it is so simple, you may have it down after just a couple of attempts. This fishing method can be used on both two handed and one handed fishing rods because it really only requires one hand. No matter what type of fishing you enjoy or what type of rod you have, learning how to cast a spinning reel is easy to master.